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Hijacking the party

The problem is, the Kingdom of God transcends above politics in a way that allows us to vote and have an impact in our world without getting in bed with parties and people who (please trust me when I tell you this) will use you to accomplish their own political means.  You are not special in this way.  If you are not focused in on what the Spirit of God wants you to do and how he wants you to act, you will quickly move from being a prophet speaking truth to an idiot sitting on a talking ass who refuses to allow you to influence anyone at anytime (see Numbers 22).

Kingdom Work during the Pandemic

This is a difficult time.  Difficult times do not mean that Kingdom Work is on hold.  In fact, The act of being a disciple is all the more important right now as this is the kind of world the Christian is called to act in ways that are specifically Christ like.  We are not destined to be self-serving, and as such, we must think in ways that are kingdom-minded, and not solely on how to help our own plights.  So after a few weeks of “staying in”, here are some ways you can begin to act with the mind of Christ.

3 reasons the Tampa megapastor should have been arrested

Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne is a name we’ll hear a lot of over the next few days.  His revivalist megachurch in Tampa, Florida chose to have church on Sunday and apparently it was packed.  He claimed it was the safest place around and they would never close because “We are revivalists and not pansies.”  The crowd cheered.  I couldn’t believe it when I saw pictures of their church opened, and then was shocked again when a group text of mine (mostly pastors) posted an article sharing that Howard-Browne had been arrested.  My friends and I talked for a bit about whether he should have been, with good arguments on both sides.  However, I thought I’d share three reasons why I believe he should have arrested A misdemeanor for unlawful assembly and violation of public health emergency order.

That was Training…

This is no time for the Christian to cower in fear.  I’m not saying be foolish and not worry about how sickness might affect others.  I’m saying be sensitive to what the Holy Spirit wants from you as you navigate the troubled waters of this pandemic.  Be strong and courageous,  God has something for you to do in the midst of all this.  If you can’t live out your faith now, then maybe it’s not worth living it out.

How to start a Home Church

The apostles, however, staunchly claimed Jesus as Lord and maintained this as the bedrock of their faith.  Throughout the last 2000 years, followers of Jesus repeat this mantra and it stands as the unifying cry of the body of Christ as a whole.  No matter the denomination or the people group or the style of Christianity, a church or group cannot call themselves Christian if they don’t profess that Jesus is their Lord.

Indeed, it’s a glass door…

The thing about Glass Door and Indeed and these reviews is that the companies can’t touch or edit the reviews.  They don’t have the control over those employees in those ecosystems, so they can get a bad reputation quickly from treating their employees poorly.  By the time I found the site and the reviews, Next Level Church had found Glass Door, began to understand the ramifications of these new sites and their reviews, and then asked their current employees to write an honest review on those sites.

Finding Fellowship…

e moved on, I longed for more.  Not more money or fame or influence, but more people.  I wanted more people to connect and view Fellowship as a part of their family. I wanted more people to fill the seats and worship Jesus.  And I wanted more people to join the fun I was generally having almost every day of my life

The Confederate Soldier

There are two choices at play here.  Freedom and the past.  Part of Christianity is freeing yourself from the past so that you can now live free in Christ.  One group had come to believe in the risen Christ and found freedom  in that so much so that they could now walk into a pagan temple and purchase and eat and live in this new found freedom, knowing they were no longer in chains to those places or scenarios.  The other group still searched for that freedom and felt like their conscience was violated by eating that meat in those places.  Paul made it clear that neither was wrong, but finished this portion of his letter with this:  “So if what I eat causes another believer to sin, I will never eat meat again as long as I live- for I don’t want to cause another believer to stumble.”