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Does God want me here?

Before you decide to revitalize your church or your small group, and to bring dead bones to life, first go to God and ask Him if he’s down with that plan.  We started our revitalization conversation here, and if you’re trying to turn things around or just beginning your story, you’re probably excited about the…

What I learned when AAF turned into K-love

Then I heard the news.  AAF was becoming K-love.  I don’t care if you judge me for being disappointed when the news traveled from my newsfeed and into my eyes.  Well, my first thought was, “That’s hilarious”.  Then I was disappointed.  I knew several of my rock and roll friends in the area, including those who were involved with AAF in the early days, were disappointed.  I understood.  Something that is a part of your history, when it changes, tends to disappoint.

Lust or Found?

Probably since the early 90’s, I have been attracted to successful ministries and bands.  Let’s start with Dc Talk, or as I like to call them, my first musical love.  They were on the cover of CCM Magazine a ton and each time they were, I made sure to run to the local Christian bookstore, “the Captain’s Quarters” and pick up a copy.  I went to that store on September 15, 1992 to pick up my copy of the new Michael W Smith Album, “Change your World” and again on January 10, 1993 to pick up “Free at Last” by DC Talk.  I wanted to sing like them.  I wanted to go to their concerts.  I wanted to be on stage like them.

Hijacking the party

The problem is, the Kingdom of God transcends above politics in a way that allows us to vote and have an impact in our world without getting in bed with parties and people who (please trust me when I tell you this) will use you to accomplish their own political means.  You are not special in this way.  If you are not focused in on what the Spirit of God wants you to do and how he wants you to act, you will quickly move from being a prophet speaking truth to an idiot sitting on a talking ass who refuses to allow you to influence anyone at anytime (see Numbers 22).

Post Easter Syndrome

The resurrection of Jesus shouldn’t bring more stress on a pastor’s or a Jesus follower’s life. It shouldn’t bring drama or a haughty spirit or burnout to people who love him and have chosen to follow him. It should be freeing, so maybe if you couldn’t celebrate the resurrection of Jesus yesterday, try celebrating today or tomorrow or anytime this week.

The Church Building

The church is the bride of Christ and Jesus gave up His life for her. It will not be commandeered by distinct organizations and denominations. the church is not owned by man or is not a 501c3. It will be around long after the pope or Life church or Andy Stanley (don’t hate, I love the guy). And it has nothing to do with a building, though I understand the need and the desire for stability.