Month: February 2021

Does God want me here?

Before you decide to revitalize your church or your small group, and to bring dead bones to life, first go to God and ask Him if he’s down with that plan.  We started our revitalization conversation here, and if you’re trying to turn things around or just beginning your story, you’re probably excited about the…

The Nicene Creed, part 3

I have a question for you.  What part of Jesus’ story is the good news?  Is it the way he was born?  Is it the way he lived his life, perfect and loving?  Is it the super cool miracles he performed for those who stood around him, sometimes asking him for healing and change?  Is the good news the things that he taught, making him not only the very nature of God, like we talked about last week, but a prophet speaking into the lives of Israel and those who listened?  Is it the fact that he has created some of the greatest holidays we have today, and we get amazing food as a result?

My Grandfather, the Pastor

I am different than my grandpa “Chuck”.  I am talkative and energetic and love to have a good conversation.  My grandpa has always been quiet and  reserved, preferring to read and study over talking.  Yet he’s always been a man to be admired.  With my grandma Judy He started the Grace Baptist Church in Birmingham…

What I learned when AAF turned into K-love

Then I heard the news.  AAF was becoming K-love.  I don’t care if you judge me for being disappointed when the news traveled from my newsfeed and into my eyes.  Well, my first thought was, “That’s hilarious”.  Then I was disappointed.  I knew several of my rock and roll friends in the area, including those who were involved with AAF in the early days, were disappointed.  I understood.  Something that is a part of your history, when it changes, tends to disappoint.

Book Review:  A Burning in my Bones

This week I read an early copy of the new authorized biography of Pastor Eugene Peterson by Winn Collier.  I finished yesterday and need to tell you, specifically if you’re a pastor or have a pastor’s heart, you need to read this.  Admittedly, I knew little about Peterson before I read the book other than how most people know him – He authored “The Message” translation of the Bible.

Friends and the Pandemic

There are a lot of advantages to living in the world where we live.  We have technology and we have nature.  In one day we can read a book on our phone, talk to a friend in California, make something with our hands in our backyard, and walk up a mountain or on a sandy beach or in the middle of a great wood, depending on where you live in the world.  But at no point in history have we been able to realize the importance of real relationships than now.