I finally finished “Finish”

I’ve been trying to get through Jon Acuff’s book, “Finish” for a while, but self help books have been difficult for me to finish in recent days.  Not because I don’t like the ones I’ve started, but because of a deeper philosophical problem I have with them.   But that’s for another post.  So if you were to check out my Goodreads account, “Finish” is finally in the “Read” section.

I’ll cut to the chase and tell you I enjoyed it.  But I enjoy most books I read.  I started the book because I trust Jon Acuff. Years ago when he visited Massachusetts (His dad pastored here years ago), I invited him to speak at Fellowship Church while I pastored there.  He had recently started a blog called “Stuff Christians Like” and it skyrocketed.  Every Christian I knew loved it.  This was before Babylon Bee.  And in Jon’s career, this was also before best selling books and speaking to thousands and millions of people.

I couldn’t pay him a lot of money, and though the room was full, it wasn’t a very big room.  But Jon came and crushed it that morning.  He delivered a first class speech/message and I will forever be grateful for his time spent pouring into the people at the church.

So I picked up the book “Finish” and began to read it, and here are three reasons I loved it:

It was relevant to my life

Let’s face it, we’re not always that great at finishing what we start.  I’ve had a goal of writing a novel since I was 28 years old, and even now that it is complete, I’m dragging my feet trying to make it perfect.  Maybe you have the same problem.  It’s possible you have a dream or a plethora of dreams that you have been trying to accomplish, and you end up watching Netflix night after night instead.  Come on!  Jump on this book and learn how to finish what you start.

Jon Acuff is funny
When Jon spoke years ago, and when I read his stuff on “Stuff Christians Like”, I learned quickly he wasn’t just funny, but he was “professional comedian” funny.  I’m not a huge fan of self help books, though I read a few a year if recommended to me by the right people, but when they are wrapped in a coating of hilarious, it makes it even better.  Sure, Acuff has excellent insight on how to finish a goal, but he also does it with nuggets of wit that make the advice go down a lot smoother.

Reading the book made me want to finish, and then some
Since I’ve finished “Finish”, I’ve not only wanted to finish my project, but it put a desire in me to not just finish, but finish and then create more.  One of the problems humans have is that we sink into complacency too much.  In short, we consume instead of create.  “Finish” spurred me on to want to create more.  I’m thankful to Jon and other friends I have right now for helping me with that.


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