Book review:  Letters to the Church

I think one thing I really liked about this book is how it answers many questions that young (or not so young) leaders who have been hurt by the church have proceeded to ask. I have a ton of friends who have walked away from the drama that is church and they are pretty much happier and more thankful for their lives in every way. I have to tell you though, the church I read about in the Bible is not one where people would want to walk away from, and yet here we are, a generation of people who can’t wait to get away from church and who generally don’t believe anymore?

Ask a Pastor

That in some way our love for one another is how we reach people is a major problem for the American church. When the name of the game is numbers and stats, the end of the game is not about love, but about continually perpetuating more numbers and stats. This is not to say that love cannot come out of the American church. It’s more like, when it happens, it’s accidental.

What is the content of discipleship?

Because all you do when you focus on the ‘cross stuff’ and we have nothing else about christology that informs the way we are then we have a very truncated, it’s called a reduction of the gospel. It’s a reducing of the gospel down to one point…That reduction has damaged our capacity to be disciples, because we don’t have any content. If the cross stuff is where Jesus is my Savior…the other stuff is where He’s my Lord…”

Post Easter Syndrome

The resurrection of Jesus shouldn’t bring more stress on a pastor’s or a Jesus follower’s life. It shouldn’t bring drama or a haughty spirit or burnout to people who love him and have chosen to follow him. It should be freeing, so maybe if you couldn’t celebrate the resurrection of Jesus yesterday, try celebrating today or tomorrow or anytime this week.

The Church Building

The church is the bride of Christ and Jesus gave up His life for her. It will not be commandeered by distinct organizations and denominations. the church is not owned by man or is not a 501c3. It will be around long after the pope or Life church or Andy Stanley (don’t hate, I love the guy). And it has nothing to do with a building, though I understand the need and the desire for stability.

Thinking through the drama

Even now I’m processing what church looks like on the other side of all of this drama. The only thing conclusive I’ve come to up to this point stems from sitting in people’s thoughts, differences, and problems, and letting them know that those thoughts, differences, and problems are every bit as important to God as the mega church pastor’s urgent desire to fill every seat in the house at multiple services.