10 Things I’m Sorry For…

I’m sorry for…


At times, creating a worship service like a circus.

Trying to market my way to bigger crowds.

Presenting Jesus as a “cool” alternative.

Trusting in my talent instead of my God.

Sticking up for my corrupt organizational leaders instead of listening to the valid concerns of many in my congregation.

Focusing more on “being okay” than repentance.

Treating people in my congregation as people to be used instead of loved.

Not standing up for myself or others against those who turned me into something I am not nor that I ever want to be.

Not holding my leaders accountable as much as they held me accountable.

Changing the meaning of discipleship from obedience to helping me do the tasks I currently have to do at my job.

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  1. But not sorry for recognizing it and leaving with grace. Sure you were angry, surely you felt disenfranchised, surely you felt used, and surely you are joyful that you breathe red, not green. I’ve felt that way, it was one of the saddest times of my life when realization of a vision died. But God has used it for good for us Marty. Lesson learned, time to rejoice. God bless you Marty.

  2. Such wisdom, Suzanne. And truth. As you said, I was sad, but God meant it for good. I’m thankful for the road. The bumps, I suppose I need to be thankful for as well.


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