A New Church Plant?

The following was posted by my friend, Brian Lajeunesse concerning a decision he and his wife have made regarding church in their future.

“The strangest life I’ve ever known.” Since becoming a follower of Jesus I’ve (most times) tried to be sensitive to the Spirit’s leading. And it’s lead me/us to many moves and churches and even countries.

Since leaving Quebec and our last ministry it’s been almost a year of searching and seeking His direction and how that fits in to our lives now. We’ve finally come to a realization of just what it is that we feel is the right direction.

The times in our lives where we felt closest to being the New Testament Church were when we had a small group of people at our home. We broke bread, we prayed, we worshipped, we read God’s word together… we reached out and blessed others… we met each other’s needs. We were a church.

And so now we feel like the timing is right to let everyone know that we won’t be joining any existing traditional church but will be starting a house church in our home. We are beyond excited to start this new phase! We believe that discipleship and closeness to God and others happens in small communities of believers, along with accountability to each other. So many times in the past I’ve felt like we are just playing church… and feeling that there is more to following Jesus and being “the Church” than what we’ve seen in North America… Something deeper than the selfish consumerism. Maybe you have too.

If you have felt the same I encourage you to reach out to Carrie or me… we’d love to meet with you and talk and see if this is something you might be interested in pursuing along with us. Believe me when I say this is just the start of something amazing! More details to follow!

Since we’ve started the holman report, we’ve had so many people share with us their story and let us know they have found themselves in the wilderness as well.  Many of them are headed this direction.  What do you think of Brian’s decision?  Is he crazy?  Out of touch?  On the right track?  Doing the right thing?  Is this a church or an abomination?


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  1. This is the Acts church. I think that’s where we are headed, back to the great commission..no more circuses or strategies…just following our great commission together, where our blessings bless others, not buildings or programs. You go, guy.

  2. I think Brian and Carrie are following where God is leading them. Bigger isn’t better, I don’t believe God ever asked us to put on a show, he asked us to make disciples. It’s easy to be lost in a large crowd but not in the small setting where honest relationships are formed. I pray the best for you both.

  3. Leadership is always a succesfull experience according with communication and good results. En México, (“Mecsico” jajajajaja for many of you. ) Untill now many leaders beelieve that a Churc represent a group or people with many, many members. It does not mater if they coexist or are diferente classes between them. Thanks a lot guys for taking the wild adventure to bepart of a community that can and enjoy yo live together, praising, giving, and encouraging each other. Just as the discíples and Jesus díd.In my experience let me share with you that I m starting a dream just as Brian and Carrie. Congratilations. I’m Jesus.

  4. Sorry . Is “In Jesus” and not I’m Jesus.

  5. I think they have the right idea…Be the church without having to fund the building, the salaries, the trips back and forth from FL to your northern taping location (!)….if there’s a need in the community, the folks in the group are able to help meet it. No budgets for excess like fancy brochures, postcards, invite cards, crazy decorations, etc. Think about how much money is wasted that could have been used to meet actual local needs!


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