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I finally finished “Finish”

I’ve been trying to get through Jon Acuff’s book, “Finish” for a while, but self help books have been difficult for me to finish in recent days.  Not because I don’t like the ones I’ve started, but because of a deeper philosophical problem I have with them.   But that’s for another post.  So if you were to check out my Goodreads account, “Finish” is finally in the “Read” section.

A Wonderful Surprise!

For the last year, We’ve been talking about the new novel we’ll be publishing this spring called “Flat Earth”!   The story is finished, and is the novel is in the last stages of editing.  We think you’ll love it!

But today, we wanted to share with you a little surprise!

Marty’s novel

I’ve already mentioned on the Holman Report that I’ll be releasing my new and first novel on March 1, 2020!  But today I wanted to share the title and cover design with you!  The novel is called “Flat Earth” and I’m excited about finishing what has been a life goal of mine since my late 20’s.  Next month I’ll give you a short synopsis of the book, and many of you have offered to read early versions for me!