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Book Review:  A Burning in my Bones

This week I read an early copy of the new authorized biography of Pastor Eugene Peterson by Winn Collier.  I finished yesterday and need to tell you, specifically if you’re a pastor or have a pastor’s heart, you need to read this.  Admittedly, I knew little about Peterson before I read the book other than how most people know him – He authored “The Message” translation of the Bible.

Book Review:  A Church called Tov

For years, I wanted a big church with lots of people and lots of fans.  In order to do that though, I must build in qualities that shouldn’t actually be a part of the bride of Christ – No accountability, merit, and competition.  I was stuck in a toxic culture because I needed money for my family of six, and I was afraid to call anyone out.  I didn’t have the courage to do the right hinge at the time.

The Babel Pandemic 3

On my 13th birthday, my family gathered around for a celebration of thankfulness to the gods for allowing me to live.  Early that morning, I woke and smelled the cooked meats.  My mother told me 5 deer, 2 calves, and 30 fish roasted over an open fire for our family feast.  Roasted grains, eggs, fresh vegetables, honey, and pomegranates rounded out the meal.  As the time approached for our family to gather, I remember seeing a sliver of sun peaking through the clouds and descending on small part of Uruk I stood upon.  Perhaps this is a sign from the gods of things to come, I thought to myself that midday.  Perhaps  things are changing for me.

The Babel Pandemic 1

I will be writing this book chapter by chapter.  Each chapter will be released by Tuesday morning.  There will also be an audio podcast of each chapter as well. Chapter 1 The old lady cleaned up the meal they ate  minutes ago.  Her husband sat outside of their home relaxing and humming some song he…

Stories from the Q:  Joey B

The Q Began last March, and though I can’t be sure, I believe that was a year and two months ago.  I have no proof right now, but it’s been warm here in downtown Worcester, Massachusetts for over a week now, and that just doesn’t happen unless it’s May.  Its crazy how one day I can be teaching Math to a bunch 7th grade middle school students at Forest Grove, and the next I’m asked to go home and stay there by my bosses, the media, politicians, doctors, and a bunch of stay at home moms turned infectious disease experts on social media.  So I went home, and for the next three weeks, played X-box with my college friends from around the country.